Can I connect my notebook or some other computer I manage myself to the DESY Zeuthen network?

Yes. There are two classes: Guest systems with limited access to the internal network, and Trusted devices with full access. The latter require some paperwork to be signed by a responsible. For details, please see NoteBook_Registration.

How can I configure my notebook to ease access to DESY computing resources?

Tips to configure your notebook so that you e.g. do not need to enter your password each time you try to access DESY resources are assembled in this documentation.

Can I borrow Linux installation CDs from uco?

Usually no. You'll find sets of ISO images for SL (and maybe some other distributions) in AFS (/project/linux/iso on supported systems).

See the next question for a more convenient and faster method.

Can I do a Linux network installation from a local server?

Yes. The available installation repositories are listed in Local_Linux_Repositories. Just follow the link in the first column. The advantage of this method is that only the very small boot.iso needs to be written to a CD. You find this image in the repository, in the subdirectory images. Boot this CD and tell the installer you want to do an http installation. The installation location is the URL behind the link you followed above.

I installed my favorite Linux distribution on my DESY notebook. Now I have problems. Can you help?

Generally, no. It makes no difference at all whether it's a DESY notebook or not. But see the next item.

Can you help with problems on my private notebook, or my self-installed OS on a DESY owned system?

Generally, no. That being said, we will gladly share our experience if private questions are addressed to uco via mail and the answer is known and simple. But don't expect us to do any research on your issues.

If you require support, using a system (hardware + OS) provided and maintained by -DV- is the only option.

Can I borrow a CD with a CERNLIB package for my favourite Linux distribution from uco?

No. There are RPM packages for the distributions in use at CERN available from (decide which one is most similar to yours, and check under updates and/or os in the browsable package repositories).

And by the way, CERNLIB has been declared obsolete for longer than a decade now.

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